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SMS sending jobs is one of the best part-time Jobs opportunity. SMS sending job is ideal for adding an extra stream of income to your finances. You have to just send SMS to the targeted people whose number and matter about SMS will be provided by our company. SMS sending job is a trend in IT. There are many jobs but only the SMS sending job is one of the best part-time job where you can work from home, during travelling etc. However there are some companies who promise you for big amount of salaries but they fail to abide them. Even there are also some other companies who get your bank details and double-cross with you. But our company is one of the best company in all over INDIA which do not promise you more or less your payment will be according to your work, you will get handsome amount of money for you work. And we also assure that you will get 100% genuine work.

This job is not only for the qualified anyone can do this job whether you are a student, a housewife, an retired employee or a self employed person, you can still work and earn a handsome amount of money.  You can work any time no need to work full time  as it is part- time job.

We have started this work for college students or the people who keen to do extra work or to earn extra amount of money beside their another work. From approx 2 yrs thousands of people are doing this job for our company and now they are master in this job and have good time management and have good work  speed. They can work anytime and from anywhere.
This job is very simple you are no need to be qualified. You just have to know how to send a SMS, how to edit and how to forward a SMS. Hope you’ll not face any problem regarding our work but even if you’ll face any problem in doing our work, we are happy to assist.These messages are relevant to the marketing. Due to this SMS sending job marketing gain financial profit. As we know how much expensive these ads are. So we started SMS sending job where anyone can earn money and can enhance their skills.

No need of your extra skills you just have to know how to send a SMS, how to edit and how to forward a SMS to the targeted people. Your writing skill will improve through it.

Some jobs are of risk for the college girls and housewives. But SMS sending job is an online job which is risk free any one can do this job from home. After registration, Your account will get start within 1-3 hours.

In our scenerio approx thousands of people commit suicide due to lack of job and some people also have lack knowledge regarding this work. So to reduce suicide rating you have to also call to your friend and must have to tell them about the online SMS sending job where you have to invest only 850/- and you’ll earn monthly INR 15000/- .

Fix Salary Program –

You have to send 100 SMS per day and if you’ll send 100 SMS you’ll earn INR5/- per SMS I.e you’ll receive INR 15000/- per month. However you’ll receive your payment every month.
So what are you waiting for just join our company and become our member and start working.

Mode of Payment:-

1. Online bank transfer
2. By paytm, google pay, phone pay etc

Why Should You join Us best 10 Reason?

  1. Simple work from home jobs.
  2. Only need a mobile phone.
  3. Fix weekly payment.
  4. payment directly to your bank account.
  5. Very easy work and 100% risk free job.
  6. No fix place or time, you can work from anywhere and anytime.
  7. 24 hours Customer care support will be provide to you.
  8. 100% Guarantee payment.
  9. Complete work provided by our company (contact number and matter).
  10. You have to invest nominal fee 850/-

Registration Fees And Earning Details

Fee Validity Daily SMS Sending Limit Weekly Fix Salary Earnings Per SMS
850 Rs 1 year 100 SMS Rs. 3750 Rs. 5

Frequantly Ask Question-

     1. Is the company supportive?

Yes, if you’ll face any problem our company support will be with you.

      2. Why we do this job?

You will get good payment  and beside that you it is free minded job. The main reason is we can’t send thousands of SMS with a single IP address. So we need you to send SMS.

      3. Any registration fees?

Very low fee 850/- for one year

      4. Will these jobs be a scam?

Due to some companies which have been proven to be a scam, all people think of online jobs that all jobs are a scam and companies are fake. But this is not true as we suggest only one thing—you just have a deep search about the company before you join.

      5.Will these companies provide income from time to time or just use the service and get vanished when it comes to income?

No, we provide your earnings weekly according to your service, and we have had many employees in the last 2 years, and we have so many happy customers who are thankful to us to give them this opportunity. Do not think too much as this opportunity does not come and knock every time you need to grab the opportunity.

SMS sending job is a easiest part-time job which we are offering you and you can earn handsome amount of money. No FIX PLACE AND TIME.

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